Oravasalmi Villas

Terms and Conditions

Upon reserving a holiday property, customer will get a booking confirmation sent to their specified email address. The customer will also receive an invoice(s) which will contain relevant bank account information needed to make a payment.

The rent is generally paid in full beforehand. The bank transfer must include either a reference number or a message, in which it is stated clear which reservation is being paid.

Reservation fee must be paid before issued due date.

Reservation becomes binding when the customer has paid the advance payment (20% of the full rent) before issued due to or paid the rent in full in one setting. Advance payment due date is 14 days from the day the invoice was issued. If the reservation is made less than six (6) weeks before the stay, there will be no advance payment and the rent must be paid in full in one setting. Final payment must be made five (5) weeks before the stay.

When paying for the reserved property, the customer agrees to follow these terms and conditions, as well as any instructions that apply to the property in question.

If the payment is not paid before due date, the reservation is cancelled.

Cancellation and changes

Cancellation must always be done in written form (by email).

PThe reservation is considered cancelled when the cancellation request has been delivered to the property owner, who must then confirm the cancellation to the customer.

If a reservation is cancelled, the advance payment is not returned to the customer.

If a reservation is cancelled less than two weeks before the agreed reservation start date, the rent payment is charged in full. If however the property is then rented to someone else, the customer will get back the payment that has been received from renting the property to another customer.

The customer has the right to get their payment back in full if the customer or someone in their household is seriously ill, has been in an accident or has died, and as such, the vacation is no longer possible. The cancellation must be reported immediately, and circumstances proven by a reliable method, such as a medical certificate.

All changes to the reservation must be done in written form 5 weeks before reservation start date.

Owner cancellation

The owner can cancel a reservation due to a force majeure. The customer then has the right to get back their payment in full.

The owner can also immediately cancel a reservation if the customer has broken the terms and conditions or has not followed the instructions pertaining to the property.

If a reservation is cancelled due to disturbing behaviour or property damage, no part of rent payment is returned to the customer.

During the stay

The property is available for check-in on agreed arrival date after 16.00. The property must be checked-out on agreed departure day before 12.00. The keys are given to the customer at their estimated time of arrival, agreed beforehand.

Arrival and departure times can be changed with a separate agreement.

If the keys are not returned or are considered lost, the customer will be charged the expense of changing the locks.

The rent includes usage of all amenities, such as furniture, kitchen and dinner ware, electricity, and fire wood. All beds have mattresses, pillows and duvets.

Bed linens and towels are not included in the price, unless property description says otherwise. The customer must use linens on the bed. Both bed linens and towels can be rented for an extra price (25 € / person).

The property must be left in a neat condition, regardless of whether final cleaning has been booked. The furniture must be in its place, the dishes must be washed, the trash must be taken out.

If the property is left extra dirty after customer’s departure, the owner has the right to charge extra 150€ for double cleaning afterwards.

The property can only be used by as many people as there are beds, or as many as have been specified during booking process.

Usage of tents and trailers on property land without owner’s permissions is forbidden.

Having own mattresses, sleeping bags and other such things is forbidden. If the property is being used by more people than was agreed, the owner has the right to either cancel the reservation immediately in which case no reservation fee is returned to the customer, or to charge the customer extra for the extra people.

Smoking is absolutely forbidden indoors.

On departure, all lights must be switched off, and all windows and doors must be closed.

Property damage

The customer is responsible for any damage done to the property during their stay. All damages must be reported to the owner without delay. The customer is responsible for paying for all damages.

The owner is not responsible for damage caused to the customer if the damage is caused by an unpredictable force majeure or a similar reason for which the owner is not responsible and as such, could not have prevented. The owner is also not responsible for damage caused by natural forces or encounters with wild life.

The owner must be notified of all comments and complaints related to the property without delay upon notice during your stay.